Amazing People is a friendly, creative, career coaching company where you can take a structured approach to career discovery and job search. It is personally led by Dr Denise Taylor

Denise is one of the most sought after career coaches in the UK and is regularly featured in the media, both print and on radio. As a Career Psychologist, she’s probably one of the most qualified careers coach too!

Denise seems to like developing websites, here are the main sites.

1. Amazing People

The main site, established in 1998 with details on career coaching, job search support and using social media.

2. Personal Assessments

Many want to know more about who they are. This site provides details on all the assessments I offer

3. Highlands Ability Battery

Not sure about what you should do? Thinking that identifying skills is the answer? Far better to dig deep and identify underlying abilities to help understand why you are unhappy and where to focus. It’s an in-depth 3 hour assessment.

4. Denise Taylor

It’s not just about career consultancy, Denise is also an author and supports the media through radio discussions and being an expert for media campaigns.

5. Brook House Press

Whilst I had contracts to write books by 4 different publishers – Icon Books, Harriman House, Trotman Publishing and Stuart Press I’ve also brought out 3 books through my own publishing company.


Please go to the relevant site to learn more and If you have a question. or want to hire me, please get in touch.

Either email the office: or send a text to 07931 303367


Dr Denise Taylor, MBA, C.Psychol, AFBPsS

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