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Every client is different, we all have differing backgrounds and ultimate goals. Having offered the Gold Career Programme for almost 20 years it is now the time to review, rethink and refresh.

Part 1 is the common phase. It comprises 3 steps and is completed within 6 weeks from our first session. It’s an expanded version of the Career Assessment Package. Part 2 is then tailored to your individual needs. It could involve further exploration (perhaps deeper assessments or more in-depth discussions, ongoing support in your exploration to include how to get the best from fact-finding interviews); job search (including your personal brand and LinkedIn profile and interview coaching) or career management. You get exactly the support you need.

It’s rare to have an extended conversation with someone who will truly listen and reflect back on your life. This session includes completion of a personal information form and a review of 2 exercises: Character Strengths and Personal Values which you complete and return at least one full working day before our session (For a Monday session this should be returned by Thursday evening).

In our first session we talk about your life story and also identify what is important to you in a career so you have criteria to assess different options. We cover the two assessments as well.

Here is (almost) everything you need

Step 1: Your Career Story (90 minutes)

1.1 I would like to gather some information from you via this online form.

Here is the link to the form 

1.2 You may like to ponder on these questions that we will cover in our first session

You may like to take some notes but no need to send in advance, we will discuss in our session.

  • What do/did you like and dislike from your different jobs?
  • What are the reasons for your educational choices?
  • If money wasn’t important, what would you love to do?
  • What fascinates/interests you? – hobbies, fascinations, what you read first in the paper?
  • Thinking of your whole life – not just your career, what do you find easy, and want to do more of?
  • How would you describe your negotiating/conflict management style?

Personal Values Assessment.

Once you click on the link, you will see a list of common values. Choose the top ten that you value the most. From there the top ten are instantly shown to you in side-by-side pairs to force you to rank one or the other. This process continues until the site produces your top five values, in order from highest to lowest. If you’ve done this in the past, try it again.

VIA Character Strengths.

This link takes you to a short survey that will ask you a series of questions, and from there produces your top 5 out of 24- character strengths. Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that make you feel authentic and engaged.

You then complete the Highlands Ability Battery.

This takes about 3 hours but does not need to be taken all in one session.
Here is the link with all the details you need:

You also need a registration key which will be sent to you separately


Any questions at all feel free to message me on WhatsApp – 07931 303367

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